Farrah Sheehan, RN, MSN

Sexual and Reproductive Health Educator & Concierge

Helping you host your sex toy party workshop or sex education class in NH, VT, ME, and MA


Are you looking for more pleasure?

You deserve it!!!

AND . . . .

You have come to the right place!  I can help you learn ways to find more pleasure, by learning about sex, learning about yourself and learning about the best high-end sex toys.

Whether you are looking for an informative workshop to expand your knowledge about pleasure, sex and sexual health, or a fun-filled evening of expanding your pleasure toolbox, a My Secret Soiree event is just right!

Want to learn more about sex and pleasure after baby? Or ways to engage your partner?  We can talk about that too.   You tell me what you want and I’ll serve it.  Not sure exactly? I’ll help you decide.

A few ideas for events:

-Couples Workshop

-Sex and Pleasure After Baby Workshop

-Pregnancy and Sex workshop

-Divorce Party

-Newly Single or Newly Married Party

-Midlife Renaissance Party

-Post Menopause Freedom Celebration

-Parents of Teens – talking to teens about sex, sexual health, and pleasure

Learn more, book a sex toy party workshop or sex education class in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, or Maine [here].

Our High Quality Products

Interested in pleasure products or the best adult toys that are earth-friendly and body-safe?

Me too!!!  That’s why I conducted my own research.  I was so excited to find the most beautiful and innovative pleasure products offered by My Secret Soiree, and if you want to learn more about them, I am even more excited to share them with you!

A luxury sex toy offers you a body-safe, earth-friendly way to indulge your deepest desires, either on your own or with a partner.

Contact me to book a sex toy party workshop, sex education class, or to learn more.


My personal mission – to be the love that I am by bringing love to others through education, mentoring and support throughout the journey of life

I have been a nurse educator for 20 years.  I have taught sexual and reproductive health to all ages, teens to adults, and it has always been fun for me.

A friend recently said to me – “how are you so comfortable talking about all of these sex things?”  Probably for many reasons, but one is because I started talking about it and teaching it at an early age.

In addition to teaching and helping others learn, I love learning myself! I am always reading and researching, asking questions and trying things out so I can bring you both evidence-based information and real-world knowledge, helping you discover ways to bring more pleasure to your life.

As a maternal child health nurse and childbirth educator, I specialize in reproductive and sexual health in the childbearing years.  However, my learning, research, and education extend far beyond.

As a mom, I am also passionate about educating children and teens about their bodies, sexual health, and pleasure as well as about the impact of media and culture on their beliefs, ideas, and behaviors.  I love talking with other parents about these topics.  I enjoy helping parents talk with their children and teens about all topics related to sexual health and wellbeing.

I am thrilled to work with all people.  I am committed to providing accurate and accessible information for people of all genders, orientations, identities, abilities, stages of life and body types.

And to learn more about topics and workshops for teens, and parents and other heart-led parenting, pleasure, and passions check out my website Raising Red at Farrahsheehan.com

Find me on facebook at Raising Red.